Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, not yet! But the decision has been taken - and this is will be my last winter high up in the Swiss Alps. Last week on yet another flying visit to Brussels, G and I found a lovely house to rent and will become the new tenants from mid-December. Apart from the usual criteria of area, size and price, there were a couple of things on my 'must have' list, namely a bit of garden for my little four-legged Scottish friend and an open fire, and both of those have been fulfilled. We also have a garage into the bargain which might take a car if it is not too cluttered with junk and logs for the fire, but which also means that you have a parking space outside - essential in the city.

So, a lot of excitement at the idea of my new life, but quickly dampened by the thought of the horrendous move - yet more packing cases, heavy duty tape, bubble wrap, thick felt tip pens that disappear when you need them and trying to type up the list for Customs at the same time. I can't even vaguely start to prepare a few boxes as all my family are here for Christmas (18 of us!) so I need to have things in the right places - I hasten to add that we are not 18 in this chalet, only 8!

I am of course still totally and hopelessly lost in Brussels but perhaps this is because I am not driving the car - the other day we were in the same area all day driving around and the only way I recognised it was that there was an old Routemaster bus parked on one of the avenues! We must have passed it eight times during the day, but I still couldn't work out how to get back to G's flat. I don't like driving in a city and Brussels has an excellent metro and tram service, so I shall take full advantage of it. The Bruxellois seem to be pretty hot on using their car horns and I am rather frightened of their road system where you cut right across motorway traffic to get onto another road. If I have to take the car in the city, I think I shall practice with G's car and bash the hell out of it and once I know where I am going then I shall use mine!

I am off again up to Brussels on Saturday with my son and then on Monday we all fly to New York for a week. I think this will be my last holiday for quite some time, but after the move I shall insist on going away for a few days at least!