Sunday, May 13, 2007


Apologies for not having posted anything for ages - you must be getting heartily sick of the same old photos of the demolished chalet! I was lead astray into becoming a guinea pig for the new Daily Telegraph blog site, so for the last couple of weeks, along with about a dozen others, blogging has turned from being difficult to nightmarish! My eyes can no longer take it and my fingers are down to the knuckles.
Still it was fun and I learnt a couple of things that weren't too technical! The site was launched during the week and got off with a resounding BANG! and far exceeded everyone's expectations, I think. Blogs were appearing so fast that they disappeared if you blinked.
Anyway, as I can't plug my blog on the Telegraph, I shall plug my Telegraph blog here! If you go to my.Telegraph on the Daily Telegraph site, I am registered as More Swiss Choc - I haven't put in the links as I am too tired to do all the work! I have also set up a blog for Angus (A Swiss Scot) which actually I enjoy writing more than my own! It is only for testing purposes but perhaps the dog side of my split personality might get the upper hand!
So am off to Barcelona for a couple of days to recover from cabin fever and I hope I shall come home with loads of pictures and stories for blogging, and with my handbag!

Thanks to my favourite son for the two photos!


Gigi said...

I took a look at your Telly blog, Louise...I wanted to comment but I couldn't be bothered to sign up last night. Colin and Richard are in fine fettle, I see - I was beginning to miss them. Where's Bill these days?

Gigi said...

PS - have a nice time in Barcelona. I hope the weather's better there than it is here...

Louise said...

Colin and Richard seem to be cat and mousing across the Web yet again, don't they?! Actually I was just 'talking' to Bill - he's been sent off to Newfoundland, a vacation in California and I think he just off on another mission...but I'm sure he will fill you in.
Forecast for Barcelona not too good, but when you are born and raised in England, anything must be better!!

richard of orleans said...

Yes Have a nice trip to Barcelona. It is a while since I went but I always remember it as an attractive city. Eat Tapas with red wine, the rest is not too special.

Sarah said...

I find my eyes swimming at My Telegraph. There's so much going on, but life here is extremely mouvemente at the moment too, so I'm finding it difficult to concentrate!

Have fun in Barcelona!

Roads said...

That looks like an interesting experiment they have there.

The intellectual immediacy of a broadsheet discussion forum with something of the frisson of FaceBook.

Chacun à son goût perhaps, but it's much easier to read over here.